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Our Fabulous Personalized Champagne Bottles Simply Steal the Spotlight

Liquid Diamondz continues to redefine the wine-gifting experience through our fabulous personalized champagne bottles that certainly steal the spotlight. During the 11th Annual Sun WineFest Grand Tasting last January, for example, thousands of guests made up of professionals, wine lovers, connoisseurs, and suppliers witnessed firsthand how our wine bottles shine and sparkle.

Our booth bagged the “Best in Show” award, thanks to our elaborate display, and of course, our stunning champagne bottles that became the star of the night. In an event of a magnitude like this, it is quite a tall order to best other booths and presentors and become one of the key attractions of the evening. Our founder, Jessica Schweitzer, proudly represented the company and showed-off our liquor bottles that were covered in Swarovski crystals.