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First Step of Making Personalized Wine Bottles: Selecting Your Spirit

Consider personalized champagne bottles if you want it to make an impact during the reception. A champagne toast as the opening round for enjoying liquor, experts believe, signifies the best of luck and health throughout the newlywed’s life. Why champagne, you ask? They seem to be the liquor of choice in most celebrations (e.g. winning a race, launching new ships).

Choosing the wine is the hard part of having personalized wine bottles. However, don’t take the tips too seriously; above all else, you should choose a wine that speaks to you. Surely any good friend of yours getting married will appreciate a good wine gift, especially when it shines with all those Swarovski crystals.


Fancy Personalized Champagne Bottles Add Flare to Special Occasions

In fact, champagne bottles have become so synonymous with joyous celebrations that many want to keep them as souvenirs of their own special moments. As a result, beautiful personalized champagne bottles are getting to be popular gifts at weddings and other occasions, extending the significance of the moment beyond the celebrations.

It is not only champagne bottles that get this distinction. Elegant custom wine bottles used in memorable occasions also preserve the happiness of an occasion. Craftsmen from companies like Liquid Diamondz delicately install glittery stones on the bottles to come up with designs that hold meaning to the recipients of these one-of-a-kind gifts.

Personalized Champagne Bottles Make Wedding Toasts More Memorable

In addition to picking the best drink, couples can take it a notch higher by using decorative personalized champagne bottles or wine bottles. Those embellished with Swarovski crystals by professionals, like Liquid Diamondz LLC, will certainly make quite an impression with the guests.

After all, nothing spells extravagant better than genuine Swarovski crystals. Used in jewelry, and high-end clothing and decors, Swarovski crystals can add drama and shine to exquisitely personalized wine bottles or champagne bottles, perfect for such a memorable event as a wedding toast.

Our Fabulous Personalized Champagne Bottles Simply Steal the Spotlight

Liquid Diamondz continues to redefine the wine-gifting experience through our fabulous personalized champagne bottles that certainly steal the spotlight. During the 11th Annual Sun WineFest Grand Tasting last January, for example, thousands of guests made up of professionals, wine lovers, connoisseurs, and suppliers witnessed firsthand how our wine bottles shine and sparkle.

Our booth bagged the “Best in Show” award, thanks to our elaborate display, and of course, our stunning champagne bottles that became the star of the night. In an event of a magnitude like this, it is quite a tall order to best other booths and presentors and become one of the key attractions of the evening. Our founder, Jessica Schweitzer, proudly represented the company and showed-off our liquor bottles that were covered in Swarovski crystals.

Swarovski Crystals Make Personalized Champagne Bottles Shine Forever

These are fairly the same Swarovski crystals used in quality personalized champagne bottles, done by highly creative services like Liquid Diamondz. The décor can be a simple message for a special occasion, or an extravagant makeover of the entire bottle. In just a few weeks, a $20 champagne can look like a drink made for royalty.

The Right way to Pop Open Personalized Champagne Bottles for Toasts

First of all, don’t forget that champagne should only be poured in a flute, otherwise the bubbles will dissipate quickly. Another thing to remember is to prime the glass first by pouring about an ounce before pouring the rest, doing so until it reaches about two thirds of the bottle. This prevents any spills from the bubbly’s mousse.

Even after you’ve finished them all up, well-crafted personalized wine bottles could still serve the purpose of hanging around in your living room for all your guests to see – a solid reminder of a special day and a special occasion. That is, of course, unless someone happened to ruin the party by opening the bottle in the wrong way.